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What to Expect

Our listening service provides a safe space for Nottingham's students to talk to someone without fear of being judged, rushed or identified. No matter what is on your mind, we are here to listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that people may worry about what happens when you call, email, or use our Instant Messenger. Take a look at the most commonly asked questions below to put your mind at ease before speaking to a friendly volunteer.

When is Nottingham Nightline open? 7pm to 8am every night, so don’t suffer in silence - our trained listening volunteers are here to lend an ear. We aim to open our services for 24 hours during the welcome period and exam seasons throughout the year.

How can I contact Nottingham Nightline? You can call us on 0115 9514985, and you will be greeted with, “Hello, Nightline.” Try our our Instant Messaging service. We aim to keep our services running for each night of the term. You can anonymously email us via This service runs 365 days of the year and you can expect to receive a reply within 24-48 hours. For more information, visit our Contact page.

What can I talk to Nottingham Nightline about? Whatever is on your mind. We are here to listen if you are stressed about exams, having family or friendship problems, or if you simply want to chat to someone. If you are worried about your immediate safety, a Nightline volunteer will help you go through your options. In certain situations, Nightline may directly intervene (for example, if you are worried about being attacked while you are the phone to us, you can tell us your location and Nightline may contact the emergency services).

Who will I be talking to? A trained Nightline listening volunteer will talk to you. All volunteers are students at the University of Nottingham and they will treat you with respect at all times. Listening volunteers stay anonymous at all times, with the exception of the Executive Committee.

Will I stay anonymous? Nightline deals with all calls in an anonymous and confidential manner. Emails, Skype calls, phone calls and Instant Messenger conversations will all stay anonymous.

What information will I be asked to give? Nightline is here to talk about anything that is on your mind. You may be asked to share more about your situation, how you are feeling, or what you might want to do next. You will never be pressured to talk, and the volunteer will never give you their opinion or advice.

What information will be stored by Nottingham Nightline? The duration and main theme of the call will be recorded, such as ‘academic stress’ or ‘financial concerns’. Calls are not traced and personal information will not be stored. Sometimes, another volunteer may listen to your call for training purposes to ensure our volunteer training meets the needs of our callers.

Will anyone else be informed of what we talk about? Nightline is an anonymous and confidential listening service; whatever you choose to share stays between us. Only in certain situations will the content of your call be discussed with other people. However, Nightline will always let you know that this information will be passed on. Information regarding the call will be given to emergency services if: You are under 18 and are at risk of harm You are a vulnerable adult and are at risk of harm You have given us your location and you are attacked while on the phone to us You have given us your location and you have an immediate plan to end your life, or have taken steps to end your life You have given us information regarding a terrorist action It is completely up to you what information you choose to share with us. Nightline will listen while you explore what’s on your mind and you will never be judged.

How do I leave feedback? We are proud of the work Nightline does and we would love to know if you have had a good experience, or if you feel we could improve our service in the future. Feedback form: Please note that any comments may be used to publicise our service.

I would love to volunteer. How can I get involved? Nottingham Nightline is run entirely by undergraduate and postgraduate volunteers from the University of Nottingham. You can become a publicity volunteer, or a trained listening volunteer. So, if you are an enthusiastic and dedicated student looking to join a worthwhile family of volunteers, keep reading! We are always looking for amazing people to join our friendly team as fundraising and publicity volunteers, so get in touch at! Listening volunteers are recruited twice a year, in autumn and spring. It is an incredibly rewarding position, though it can be emotionally difficult. Don’t worry though, all listening volunteers are trained and other volunteers may listen in on calls for training purposes. We would love for you to join the Nightline family!

I would like to know about listening training for my society. Our External and Continuous Training Officer, and the Nightline Executive Committee, have already trained over 400 students. This includes Welcomes Mentors, Night Owls, Welfare Reps, Medics, and many more. If you would like to improve your committee’s communication and active listening, we can help. Email our External and Continuous Training Officer at We look forward to working with you soon!

How does Instant Messenging work? Our instant messaging service is anonymous. We cannot see any of the details, and the conversation stays between you and nightline. You do not have to provide your name or any details, simply give yourself a random nickname or nothing at all! When you wish to leave the conversation, make sure to press the small red x at the top of the chat to let us know you have left the conversation. If the service is busy or unavailable, you can still contact us using the alternative methods above.

Still have questions?

If you would like to speak to a member of our committee, head to our contact page.

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