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Help us to continue supporting the
students of Nottingham.

Help Us Answer More Calls for Support

Your contribution matters. Every day, students face challenges that can feel overwhelming. Nottingham Nightline is here to provide a lifeline of support, and your donation can make a significant impact. By contributing, you're helping us extend a helping hand to those struggling to cope with the pressures of university life.

Your Donation's Impact

  • Save Lives Every Month: Your support can enable us to answer crucial calls for help, potentially saving lives with every passing month this year.

  • Empower Nightliner Volunteers: Your donation helps train and support Nightliners, dedicated volunteers who provide empathetic assistance to students throughout the year.

  • Keep the Lines Open: Your generosity ensures that our Nightline phone lines remain open year-round, offering a reliable and compassionate source of help whenever it's needed.

Why Your Support Matters

In 2022/23 alone, Nottingham Nightline responded to 1596 calls and dedicated over 600 hours to supporting students in need. These statistics underscore the importance of our service within the university community. Your contribution directly contributes to creating a safer, more inclusive environment for all students.

Uplifting Equality and Inclusivity

At Nottingham Nightline, we value diversity and inclusivity. Our team comprises volunteers from various backgrounds, each contributing a unique perspective to our mission. Your donation not only sustains our services but also fosters an environment where every student's voice is heard and appreciated.

Together, We Make a Difference

Our community's strength lies in unity. By standing behind Nottingham Nightline, you're not only supporting a cause but also the well-being of your fellow students and future generations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity, compassion, and dedication to making a positive change. With your help, we can ensure that students always have a friendly and understanding ear to turn to, no matter the hour. Let's unite and make Nottingham Nightline's mission thrive!


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