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Our vision is to provide a safe space for the students of Nottingham to speak and be heard.

Nightline is here for all Nottingham University students via phone and Instant Messaging. We are open from 7 pm to 8 am every night of the term and 24/7 over emails.

 See our What to Expect FAQs for more helpful information.

What to Expect?

Our trained volunteers treat every caller with respect

We treat all callers with respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and religion. Our family of volunteers have been providing essential emotional support to students since 1973.

The history of Nightline

The first ever Nightline began in 1970 at Essex University after a Chaplain noticed a high suicide rate among local students. A group of students were trained to give their peers someone to listen to, especially during the night. This support has spread across the country since then, providing a safe space for students to talk about their feelings without fear of being judged or identified. So, call, message, or email our family of trained volunteers for support.

Get to know the team

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