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Our vision for Nottingham Nightline is threefold:

Firstly, all students at the University of Nottingham are able to talk about their feelings in a safe space, without fear of being judged or identified;

Secondly, fewer Nottingham students have their education compromised by emotional difficulties; and

Thirdly, fewer Nottingham students die by suicide.


Mission Statement


Our mission statement is also broken down into three core aims:

To provide an anonymous, confidential, non-directive and non-judgemental listening and information service to all Nottingham students whilst they are at University.

To broaden accessibility to all Nottingham students, through provision of phone, instant messaging, Skype, text and email services.

To open our services for 24 hours during the Welcome period and exam seasons across the year.





We will fulfil our vision and mission through these objectives:

Nightline will be publicised to all students attending the University of Nottingham.


Nightline will provide up-to-date and accurate information on health matters, travel information, exam timetables and any other topics that callers may likely enquire about.


Nightline will treat all callers with respect, and will not discriminate on grounds of race, ethnic background, gender, age, sexual preference or religion.


Nightline will deal with all calls received in a confidential manner.


Nightline listening volunteers will be anonymous, and must maintain their anonymity at all times (with the exception of the Executive Committee).


Our vision, mission statement and objectives are guided by the work of the Nightline Association. You can find out more information about the Association and the work that it does here.


Please note that Nightline and individual Nightliners cannot be held accountable for the actions of callers after contacting us. We do not offer advice; any actions taken after contacting Nightline are entirely the caller's own.

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