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Still Open During Covid!


7pm to 8am every night!

Listening Volunteer applications are now Closed!


Listening isn't for everyone though, if you would like to volunteer for Nightline in a different way why not be part of our publicity and fundraising team. You can apply for that here.





Listening Volunteer Applications


Who can apply?

Anyone can apply as long as you are a current

University of Nottingham student and can commit

to the dates stated in the application form.

If you are applying for our spring training cycle

you must NOT be graduating this year as you will not

be able to train.


Any requirements?

You don't need any prior experience or knowledge as

you will be trained in all our skills and you will get lots

of practice. However, you do need to be willing to learn

about our central skills such as empathy, and listening

skills. You must also be fluent in English.


We require our volunteers to commit to three shifts a term which is approximately one shift a month.


Most importantly it must be understood that Nightline is a non-advisory service. If you want to offer advice to people in need, then you cannot do so with Nightline. We are a listening service and we train volunteers to guide callers through their own problems in a non-directive manner. This is a much harder skill, and is much more effective than giving advice in helping callers.



What are the benefits of being a Nightliner?


We like to thank our volunteers in a number of ways.

We have our own internal award system and give out

awards biannually. We have various fun and inclusive

socials throughout the year and many volunteers end

up forming close friendships through the Nightline

community.You can also say that you volunteer with

Nightline on your CV and our training provides lots of

transferable skills that are valued by employers. If you

satisfy the commitments listed above during your time

with Nightline, we also regularly supply references.


If you have any further queries about volunteering with Nightline, please feel free to email the training officers Sam and Sarah at [email protected]


All of our listening volunteers are anonymous so we ask that you do not tell people that you are applying to volunteer with Nightline. 


We have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below so please take a look to see whether your question is covered below.




Do I have to be awake all night on a shift?

No, our volunteers usually get approximately 4-6 hours

of sleep on a shift. The shifts run from 7pm-8am and our

volunteers are encouraged to go to sleep at a reasonable

time on shift and get up as and when a call comes through.

You are expected to be available and in the office for the

whole duration of the shift.


Where do the shifts take place?

We have an office on University Park Campus where volunteers

do their shifts. We do not reveal the exact location of our office

until your first shift for security and anonymity reasons.


How many people are on the shift with me?

For anonymity reasons, we cannot say how many people are on a shift with you until later on in the training process. However, you will never be alone on shift and will always be well supported by those around you.


English is not my first language, how good does your English need to be?

Our volunteers do need a high standard of both written and spoken English to be able to do the role successfully. We take into account your English in the application and interview and make a judgement on whether you would be able to train.


How do you sign up for shifts?

We have a booking system which allows you to sign up for shifts well in advance so you can get in your minimum shift requirement.


How many shifts do I have to do?

The minimum is three shifts a term, so about one a month. However, many of our volunteers enjoy shifts and so choose to do more than three shifts a term.


What kind of calls do you take?

We take calls on a wide variety of topics and some calls can include ‘heavier’ issues such as self harm and suicidal thoughts. We have a strong support system in place and provide comprehensive training on these sorts of calls. However, we do ask you to think about whether you feel capable taking calls of this nature when you apply.



Before you apply...


Being a volunteer can be difficult at times, and it’s not for everyone. Before you apply, we want to make sure that being a listening volunteer is right for you.  


We take calls on a wide variety of topics and sometimes students contact us when they are feeling desperate, low, angry or frightened and may be struggling with thoughts of self-harm and suicide. We have a strong support system in place and provide comprehensive training on these sorts of calls. However, you need to be in a place where you can look after your own mental wellbeing before you volunteer with us.  


If you feel like Nightline is something you want to support but you are not in the right place at the moment, then why not consider being a fundraiser or part of the publicity team instead?


Or if you need support yourself, any of the following can help you:


§  Samaritans - 24 hour confidential emotional support service. Tel: 08457 90 90 90


§  Nottingham Nightline - if you need a chat, you can still give us a call as we are an anonymous listening and support service. Nightliners are on duty every night from 7pm - 8am during term-time to listen to any problem you may have. Tel: 0115 951 4985


§  University Counselling Service Tel: 0115 9513695


§  Student Advice Centre (Portland Building) Tel: 0115 846 8730


§  Your local GP (doctor) Cripps Health Centre Tel: 0115 846 8888


Still not quite sure? E-mail us via [email protected]  "

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