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What to expect when you call nightline...


Who will answer my call?

A trained Nightline listening volunteer will answer your call. All our volunteers are students at the University of Nottingham. They are all anonymous so you won’t know who they are.


How will the phone be answered?

If you ring our phone line, a volunteer will answer with ‘Hello, Nightline’ and if you contact us via Instant Messaging or Text, a volunteer will answer with ‘Hello, you are through to Nightline’. This is so you know you have reached the right place.


What will Nightline ask me?

Nightline is here to talk about anything you’d like to discuss. The Nightliner may ask you to tell them more about your situation, how you are feeling, or what you think you might want to do next. The Nightliner will never pressure you to talk, and will never give you their opinion or advice.


What if I can’t get through?

There may be some occasions when there are no Nightliners available to take your call. Please do try to call us again later, or send us a text or an email and we will reply to you as soon as we can.


Does Nightline keep a record of what I say?

We do keep a log of the duration of each call we take and the main theme of the call, such as ‘academic stress’ or ‘financial concerns’, but we do not trace calls, record any personal information about you or what you’ve told us. We keep a log so we can see the types of calls we receive to make sure our volunteer training meets the needs of our callers.


Will you tell people about my call?

Nightline is an anonymous and confidential service which means everything you tell us remains with us.

However there are some cases where Nightline may tell other people about the content of your call, because we want to help you to keep yourself safe. Nightline will always let you know that we are going to pass on this information.

Nightline will pass on the information you have given us to the emergency services if:

- you are under 18 and are at risk of harm

- you are a vulnerable adult and at risk of harm

- you have given us your location and you are attacked while on the phone to us

- you have given us your location and you have an immediate plan to end your life or you have already taken steps    to end your life

- you give us information regarding a terrorist action.

It is completely up to you what information you decide to share with us.

Whatever information you decide to tell us, Nightline will listen to you explore your feelings around your situation and will never judge you.


I’m worried for my safety. What can Nightline do?

Nightline will never offer opinions or advice on your situation. The Nightliner taking your call will help you explore your options and how you feel about what you could do.

There are some situations in which Nightline can directly intervene:

- If you are worried about being attacked while you are on the phone to us, you can tell us your location and Nightline will contact the emergency services for you if you are attacked.

- If you have got an immediate plan to end your life, or you have already taken steps to end your life, you can tell us your location and Nightline will contact the emergency services to direct them to you.


I want to give feedback to Nightline. Where can I do this?

You can send us feedback using the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.


Please note: other volunteers may listen into your call for training purposes.


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